What is a Bible Garden?
     A Bible Garden is any garden that includes plants that are mentioned in the Bible. More than 125 plants, trees and herbs are noted in scriptures.

     The following lists are all respected sources for your garden. Use one or all of them.

- Plants in the Bible - F. Nigel Hepper

- All the Plants of the Bible -
L. John Musselman

- Biblical Botany
- James F. Duke

- All Plants in the Bible -
Catholic Encyclopedia

- Plant Guide - Neot Kedumim Biblical Garden,    Israel

1. Read, Building your own Biblical Garden,
by F. Nigel Hepper
    Mr. Hepper is a leading authority on Bible Gardens and the author of many books on the subject. This excerpt from his best selling book, How to Build a Bible Garden, and is reprinted with his permission. Download and print a copy for your personal use.

2. Look up your plants on our Biblical Plant List      Select the plants that will grow in your area. Very few people can afford the time or money start from scratch to build a new Biblical Garden. If you check the plants on the right side of this list, you will probably find some of these presently growing in your garden. Review the entire list for familiar plants, shrubs and trees that will thrive in your area and consider adding these to your present garden. For a copy of our list Click Here

Congratulations! You have started your own Biblical Garden!

Find the Bible Plants for Your Garden

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How Do I Start my garden?

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     Here are 5 different lists for your research for your garden. 

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